We help successful people find fulfillment

On a few rare occasions something magical comes into your life which touches you so deeply that you are sure of its authenticity and divine origin Robert

Writer, Businessman

Be open to new things and ideas especially when it comes to achieving self-actualization. When you are able to reach your higher self – your best self becomes possible Jim

Sales Executive

My sessions with Speranta were lifechanging. I felt benefits both the evening of the session and continue to feel them now, months later


Massage Therapist

I was able to move forward in my thinking in several areas of my life, professional and personal. I fully expect to realize success in areas where I put my focus Bill


Dissolve your money blocks

Achieve harmony in all your relationships

Unlock the mysteries of self-mastery

Discover how the Ask Higher Self process has helped men & women like you bring more love, abundance, and excellence in their lives.

What makes Ask Higher Self different?

You want to be successful AND fulfilled.

Whether your goals are about money or relationships, you feel stuck. You’re used to working hard but the harder you try, these blocks seem to only get bigger.

You know that you’re meant to have a huge impact on the world, on humanity. Yet, you can sense that what got you here is no longer enough to carry you to the next level. You feel confused, frustrated and unsure of what the next step is.

Speranta knows what that’s like, she’s been where you are. She wanted to meet her soulmate, grow her business, be her best self AND enjoy the journey to all her desired destinations. With the help of her Higher Self, she married her soulmate, is a business owner and has grown spiritually in ways she couldn’t even dream possible. She’s been helping men and women just like you achieve their goals for over 13 years, since 2004.

Success, clarity AND fulfillment shouldn’t be out of reach when you have a strong desire to excel in all aspects of your life.

Speranta, along with Higher Self’s wise loving guidance, uses a 3 Step Process to help you achieve your life purpose, find fulfillment AND be happy on your journey there.

Do you want to feel certain of the path, sure of yourself and passionately excited for the future? Click the button below and schedule your session. Life is short, don’t delay living your best life today. Schedule your appointment now.

I love you Speranta, you put your heart and energy into your clients. 
They can feel your purity and know that you will help them manifest their highest good.

Wendy from California

The answers I got back were surprising, but upon reflection, perfect and familiar. I can honestly say that the information conveyed was deeply meaningful and precisely what I needed. I anxiously anticipate my next session.


We have a 3 Step Plan that can Help you

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Receive Higher Self Guidance & Alignment

Live a more fulfilled life

What is my investment?

How much are your unresolved relationship issues costing you?

How much money are you leaving on the table in your business or job?

Why delay your spiritual development any longer?

The cost of regret for not taking action sooner on our dreams is the most avoidable.