Hi! I’m Speranta and my life purpose is to be of assistance on a global scale, to help humanity and the planet. There are too many of us who are not able to live to our full potential. There are too many of us who are meant to help others on a global scale, but feel uncertain about how to proceed. Too many of us feel that we are unable to make headway in our relationships, careers and spiritual development.

That’s wrong, and we must tear down those barriers that keep us stuck in the same place. I know exactly how you feel, because I’ve been in your shoes. I felt stuck, alone, misunderstood. I felt career opportunities were passing me by. I felt a strong desire to be of assistance on a global scale and years passed without evidence of progress. Through the help of my Higher Self, I was able to move beyond these barriers and in the direction of my dreams and I can help guide you in the direction of your dreams. I have been working with clients and facilitating this work for over 12 years.

I can help you through a simple, 3 step process, to accomplish your dreams and goals.

I would love to meet you and get to know you! Schedule your time with me today. Physical life is short, don’t wait too long to get in touch if this is something that resonates with you.


  • Before I started working with Speranta and Higher Self, I was struggling with breaking through to the next level in my life and business. I KNEW I had it in me but didn’t know how to work to get there. Through doing this work, I’ve not only found, even more, grounding in myself, I’m also able to communicate better and lead with more depth and perspective. I also understand more about my overall direction- something that I thought I knew but am now way more clear about than before. I’ve read through emails I’ve sent her through our long collaboration. I can’t BELIEVE how much that actually has been accomplished when I think about it, it’s MIND BLOWING!! 

    What you need to understand is not only that Speranta channels Higher Self, but also that she’s an excellent and highly emphatic human being. Her intelligence in combination with Higher Self is an extremely rare combination. Through her ability to connect several areas of expertise, along with extraordinary patience, she’s able to be both very practical and strategic in helping you learn and grow. 

    There are two things that are most important about working with Speranta: Be patient with yourself as a client. A part of this process is to learn more about connecting more deeply and this also requires you to dig deep in another way than that you’ve might have done before. Also, Speranta is there to guide you during the sessions, but you MUST be prepared to do work between sessions for yourself on YOU. Welcome this opportunity to grow and step more into who you truly are. This is the way to move to see those quantum leaps you’re so longing for.

    I was raised in a very conservative, religious household, and was VERY afraid to start off. I had no idea what to expect and was intrigued but also nervous. This turned out to be completely false and the sense of peace I experience when working through this process is completely different and WAY better.

    THANK YOU Speranta for being who you are. For your patience and love in guiding me along. For helping me fit into my life way better, becoming braver, sleeping more, take charge of my destiny and moving towards my life. My more real life. Being more courageous in a way that’s connected to where I’m going, not driven by fear or other people’s opinions.

    AND if you’re expecting tarot cards and different artifacts to make a connection to your Higher Self, you’ll find out that those aren’t necessary. This is not woo woo, this is a totally another way where you connect with Source Power for your Highest and Best Good.

    Petra F, Senior Executive and Business Owner
  • I had no hesitations about working with Speranta. No, more than anything I felt like the stars had perfectly aligned. I had, for some time, been trying to connect to my Higher Self, though I didn’t know what to look for or how to. Then this lovely young woman and I meet and I learn that she specifically and exclusively helps people establish communication with their Higher Selves! Couldn’t have been more perfect!

    What I liked best about working with her was the fact that here this woman sat, with IMHO, the most profound ability I’d ever witnessed, and yet she was completely devoid of egotism or self-righteousness. Humble to her core and eager to help the world awaken to their highest expression.

    Through Speranta and Higher Self, I’ve been able to expand my understanding of self versus Self, deepen my compassion and have learned what it truly means to forgive. I’ve shed things and habits that were no longer serving me and I’ve begun the journey of fulfilling my intended purpose in this lifetime.

    I would 100% recommend her services, with the caveat that someone’s desire to establish Higher Self connection is not superficial or for entertainment. Someone ought to be spiritually mature and understand why we are here at this time in human history.

    Most important thing to understand is that your Higher Self is neither bound by time/space nor subject to the pressures of duality. It is the You, before “you” were even born. So the triviality of a human existence, while significant to your human personality, is observed from the Higher Self perspective free from the weight of emotional and mental blockages. Information, insight and guidance from this level will change your life. But Higher Self isn’t there to make everything a cake-walk… It also isn’t there to serve the lower desires of your personality. Your Higher Self loves you in a way you truly can’t comprehend, yet will guide you on a path toward Self Realization. This path is not always easy. 🙂

    There truly is no substitute for establishing a direct line of communication with your Higher Self (that is in your native tongue no less). Before meeting Speranta, I woke up every day and proceeded to make the most educated guess I could muster with regards to all facets of my life. We don’t ever “really know” if the choice we’re making is the right one or not. If we should take that new job, or make that big move, or if continuing down a path we’re on is correct for us. We guess… follow our gut… think it through… Or flip a coin… But we don’t ever really know! Higher Self knows… And through Speranta you can know too.

    Business Owner, United States
  • Spiritual confirmation is often relegated to the realm of faith and hope, but on a few rare occasions something magical comes into your life which touches you so deeply that you are sure of its authenticity and divine origin. In fact, you recognize it as you’re your own creation, as something deep inside that speaks in your own voice. This happened to me recently during a reading or more correctly, a connection with my Higher Self facilitated by my friend Speranta Tomlinson.

    I met Speranta several months ago at a spiritual retreat in the Rocky Mountains, and was intrigued with her special gift of being able to connect with her Higher Self and through this channel with the Higher Self of her clients.

    Although intrigued, I secretly wondered if I should ask Speranta for a reading and whether I really needed such a service. After all, I had been meditating for over thirty years and felt a close relationship with my Higher Self already. Contributing to this initial doubt was a fear of possibly interfering with my life’s path which in my opinion was unfolding naturally and perfectly. I was reassured, however, by two of Speranta’s clients, that her unique spiritual reading was unlike anything they had previously experienced and the commentary/advice/encouragement that they received was totally unexpected. They could only describe it as profound; that it resonated with something deep within, and was exactly what they needed.

    These testimonials combined with the calm, peaceful, loving demeanor of Speranta was enough encouragement for me to schedule an appointment, although I was still somewhat doubtful that anything new and earth shattering would be disclosed. I was about to be very surprised.

    The process is wonderfully simple and comfortable. After Speranta calms herself, she connects with her Higher Self. Soon, after a certain protocol, I am speaking directly with my Higher Self through her Higher Self. I asked several questions about a recent illness and about family. The answers I got back were surprising, but upon reflection, perfect and familiar. I was told certain things about myself that only I know, about my energy and where my focus should be to enhance that energy and in so doing touch others and be of greatest service. Speranta was also shown certain pictures in her minds eye, directly related to me which dealt with who I was and by connection, the direction of my life. I can honestly say that the information conveyed was deeply meaningful and precisely what I needed.

    I have no doubt that I was communicating with my Divine Self and highly recommend Speranta and the unique spiritual guidance she can facilitate by putting her clients directly in touch with their own divinity. I anxiously anticipate my next session.


    Robert H. Wellington
  • Hi Speranta,

    Thanks again for the session last night. I was very mellow after the session. Then I did something I don’t normally do. Last night I enjoyed a leisurely walk. I always walk fast. Just felt like it. Woke up a bit from realistic dreams, which has been happening to me lately.  Clearing. Expect to feel really good tomorrow. Noticing subtle good things. Feel like I’m going through good changes.

    I found something fascinating – all my talking. You may find it hard to believe but I don’t normally do that. Wednesday I connected with you and shared. Usually people tell me their problems. It’s rare for me to find someone I sense understands certain things and that’s what happened Wednesday. But last night I was out of control. Motor-mouth. Couldn’t stop. Like the session stimulated things to come out. I felt exhausted from talking so much : ) Hope your ears don’t hurt.

    I read up on chakras. I occasionally say I feel wounded when I’m down. That chakra was wounded till last week. Depleted. Couldn’t get into action. Like my light was dim. No energy. The fourth one probably has the strongest affect on how I try to live. While not perfect, I found most of what I read to be true of the path I’m on.

    Gotta go! Will let you know if anything else happens that’s significant. Thanks again for your time and energy!! : )

    Business Owner, New York City
  • After my session with Speranta, I left feeling more relaxed than I’ve felt in ages, with an amazing sense of peace.

    DDS, New York City
  • I found Speranta very committed to her work.  Her energy was always positive.  I was able to move forward in my thinking in several areas of my life, professional and personal, through our discussions and her meditations.  I will continue to use some of the suggestions Speranta provided and fully expect to realize success in areas where I put my focus.  The entire experience was very positive.

    Bill, Teacher
  • Speranta is amazing!  She is a great listener and provides me with the safe space, right guidance and support I need to achieve my goals.  Speranta is non-judgmental and helps me to stay grounded and focused.  She helped me through with my first speaking engagement – as a quiet person, it was not easy, but Speranta helped me to breathe, center myself, and shine.  Working with Speranta has helped me to overcome lack of confidence and barriers I’ve unconsciously set on myself.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life and achieve results!

    Business Owner, New York City
  • A few years ago I was planning on buying a condo.  I came to Speranta to see this new condo would be the best for me in the long run and it was a good investment.  There were a lot of pros and cons but I really liked it.  My Higher Self, through Speranta, told me not to move forward with the purchase because it will not be good for me long term.  She said it would not be good for my higher good.  I was a little skeptical and continued the buying process.  Many more issues arose in the buying process just like my Higher Self advised me.  Because I did not listen to her from the beginning I ended up loosing a lot of money in deposit and other investments I had already made in the condo.  I do not know how my Higher Self knew from the beginning that this condo would not be good for me but she was 100% accurate!!!

    I did have some hesitation at first about working with my Higher Self but with Speranta’s help it was absolutely worth it! I would recommend working with your Higher Self with Speranta’s help on any issue that you are not sure about, such as relationships, buying or investing in homes and any really any problems at all!!  You will be astonished by the amount of information you can obtain!!

    Thank you again for your help and next time I will know to listen sooner!!

    Sales Professional, United States
  • I have known Speranta in the context of a business relationship. I knew that she was a Higher Self Channeler, but in all honesty, I was a skeptic to say the least. I thought all this spiritual stuff was total BS. The results that I got were unexpected and shocking, and left me wanting to learn more and experience more Higher Self connection. The reason why I sought her help was for a deep-seated fear to promote myself and low confidence when it comes to sharing my services – a huge problem for a business owner like myself. In a very short time, she flipped this belief, removed my fear and I am now completely confident. It was surprisingly fast. When I worked on other self improvement issues on my own, it took months to notice the same results. I highly recommend Speranta and her Higher Self services to anyone who is open to new experiences and wants to get guidance from their Higher Self. I now believe that Higher Self work is effective and more importantly, I now believe in myself. I like results and Speranta showed me results very fast and it worked. I love you, Speranta! 

    Iryna Shevchenko, Marketing Strategist, Multiple Business Owner, Founder of Savvy Entrepreneur Community
  • I came to Speranta and my Higher Self for help with clearing the space I live in, which is shared by many people. After working together, my shared space became much higher in vibration. People who had been unable to previously be in the same room together were calmly talking and sharing space. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits or calm, something I hadn’t seen in 15 years or so!

    I recommend Speranta and Higher Self Channeling/Alignment to anyone who wants to get rid of blocks, raise their vibration, that of their environment, and of those around them. Or if someone is feeling lost, alone, or down on their luck. Even if you’re nearing the end of a clearing cycle, your own Higher Self channeled through Speranta can help you find what you need for that extra boost. If you’re on the fence about working with your Higher Self and with Speranta, I say to give it a shot because you have nowhere to go but up!

    If you feel like you need help in any way, Speranta is the one you’re looking for. Speranta is friendly, down to earth, nonjudgmental, a great listener, and a joy to be around. I am still thankful to this day for the help in clearing work that I received from Speranta and my Higher Self. It helped me set a foundation for future work with both myself and others, and helped me with self empowerment.

    Guinevere, Texas
  • My Higher Self Sessions with Speranta were lovely and positive experiences.  I was at an important juncture, deeply torn between career choices, so it was tremendously helpful to have the alignments with my Higher Self and the support in stretching for the best possible outcome.  Speranta was gentle and facilitated the communication process between my concrete mind and my Higher Self. As a result, my issue seemed to resolve itself and the confusion seemed to dissipate in very little time.

    James O. NYC, USA
  • First things first. Speranta is a terrific, caring & and loving soul who follows through on everything she says she will do. I believe her primary goal is to help others.

    I didn’t have any reservations working with Speranta and felt comfortable from the first time I met her randomly in a different group. She never solicited me for any business purpose which adds to her credibility and integrity. I think it’s important to be open to new things and ideas especially when it comes to achieving self-actualization. Sometimes Western culture and medicine doesn’t cover all the bases especially when it comes to matters of self healing, self awareness and spirituality.

    The best thing about the experience was my increased self awareness and understanding that how you think of yourself, can actually change/improve the way you feel about yourself by changing your thought patterns or perhaps developing a mantra. When you are able to reach your higher self-your best self becomes possible. I would recommend Speranta and her higher self service to those who want to learn more about themselves and connect the dots between mind, body and spirit.

    Jim Bradley
  • I met Speranta back in 2013 and I had many one-on-one Higher Self Channeling and Alignment Sessions with her. Ever since I met her, I had zero hesitations about working with her. The best part about working with her is the purity of her spirit, and her kind and gentle nature. I have greatly benefited from the work that we did, and continue to see the benefits of our Higher Self Channeling work still manifesting today in my life. Some of the things we discussed with my Higher Self have taken place and many are still unfolding and coming to fruition. I recommended her to two of my friends already. I will continue to recommend her to those who value working with their Higher Self. I feel in my heart that she is an honest channel and very close to God. I love you Speranta, you put your heart and energy into your clients. They can feel your purity and know that you will help them manifest their highest good. Thank you for being yourself. 

    Wendy W., Infant Care Specialist, California
  • Speranta is an amazing listener. When I worked with her, I was always able to say what was on my mind without fear of judgment. I like working with Speranta because she is warm, passionate and caring. Speranta rocks!

    Finance/Sales professional, New York City
  • In my very first session with Speranta, I was able to contact my Higher Self and receive the insight I needed to live the life I desire. Thank you Speranta!

    Business Executive, United States
  • Speranta is easy to be with. Genuine and trust-worthy. I had a session with her and she is gentle and helps you word your questions as to efficiently and effectively get the best and most beneficial results/answers. Speranta’s Higher Self brings more to the table than just the “reading”. I highly recommend her. 

    Business Owner, Arizona