Intensive Session

Would you like to connect with your OWN Higher Self instead of listening to all the “gurus” and all their “magical secrets”?

Who wouldn’t? Because when you get to connect with your Higher Self for the first time, you see the potential that this work can hold for you. You want to experience it for yourself and this is what it will look like.

First things first. Even if you had Aladdin’s lamp, you still have to ask for your wish. You still have to gain clarity around what you want, what you’re going to ask your Higher Self about. We will work extensively on this piece, until you have 1-3 questions ready to go. Your questions will be clear, laser focused and completely personalized for your life so that you can get the answers from your Higher Self that will actually move you forward and put you on your exact right trajectory.

Once we build the foundation, you will speak directly with your Higher Self. You will get to ask your questions and get to ask any clarification questions based on the answers you received so that you feel completely clear and supported.

  • Could you use more clarity in your life, career and relationships?
  • Could you use more focus around the goals you want to accomplish?
  • Would you like the have a direct conversation with the largest perspective of who you are instead of someone else that “knows best” for you?
  • Would you like to receive guidance from this source perspective of who you are?

That’s exactly where the intensive comes in.

Let’s get right down to it. Here’s how the Intensive works:


  • We get super clear about your intention for the session
  • I’ll be a mirror for you and help you narrow down the areas you’d like to work on next
  • You’ll feel heard, understood and appreciated exactly where you are


  • We dive deeper into your specific areas and formulate laser-focused 1-3 questions
  • During the channeling, you’ll have the opportunity to dive even deeper on your questions with Higher Self
  • The questions can be in any area of your life, such as business, career, relationships, self development or others

Higher Self Channeling

  • We connect directly to your Higher Self
  • Each person experiences the connection in their own unique way
  • You’ll ask your questions and receive guidance from Higher Self
  • If you feel difficulty or a blockage in any area, you can ask for an alignment from Higher Self and Higher Self will grant your request if it’s in your highest and best good only!
  • In an alignment, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies get aligned with your Higher Self
  • If we are working with an alignment, you will also receive your first alignment
  • If your Higher Self recommends additional alignments, you’ll receive information about how we can continue to work together on that

What is waiting for you

  • You will have the direct experience of connecting with your own Higher Self
  • You will gain clarity and guidance from the Higher Self perspective
  • You will start with the alignment process for any difficulties and blocks in your life and in your business
  • You will know what your next steps are, in your personal life, business, family or self development

Speranta as the Guide

Truth is, I’ve been where you are now. I’ve felt the whole range of emotions and faced a lot of difficulties. My life is not perfect nor will it ever be. Life is about living out your highest purpose and making progress. That’s what I’ve done, put one foot in front of the other, with the help of my Higher Self. When I feel stuck, I run, not walk, to Higher Self. Because I’ve done it the other way, I’ve done it using just my emotions or intuition, or just my logical train of thought.

I’ve also experienced life through the grace and power of Higher Self guidance. Whenever you discover something that amazing, all you want to do is share it with the world! Not to mention, sharing this Higher Self work IS my life purpose and I am fully embracing and dedicated my life to this path. To learn more about my journey click here

Here is what clients are saying:

“In my very first session with Speranta, I was able to contact my Higher Self and receive the insight I needed to live the life I desire.” Thank you Speranta! Business Executive from the United States

“THANK YOU Speranta for being who you are. For your patience and love in guiding me along. For helping me fit into my life way better, becoming braver, sleeping more, take charge of my destiny and moving towards my life. My more real life. Being more courageous in a way that’s connected to where I’m going, not driven by fear or other people’s opinions. AND if you’re expecting tarot cards and different artifacts to make a connection to your Higher Self, you’ll find out that those aren’t necessary. This is not woo woo, this is a totally another way where you connect with Source Power for your Highest and Best Good.” Petra F. Business Executive

“Most important thing to understand is that your Higher Self is neither bound by time/space nor subject to the pressures of duality. It is the You, before “you” were even born. So the triviality of a human existence, while significant to your human personality, is observed from the Higher Self perspective free from the weight of emotional and mental blockages. Information, insight and guidance from this level will change your life. But Higher Self isn’t there to make everything a cake-walk… It also isn’t there to serve the lower desires of your personality. Your Higher Self loves you in a way you truly can’t comprehend, yet will guide you on a path toward Self Realization. This path is not always easy.

There truly is no substitute for establishing a direct line of communication with your Higher Self (that is in your native tongue no less). Before meeting Speranta, I woke up every day and proceeded to make the most educated guess I could muster with regards to all facets of my life. We don’t ever “really know” if the choice we’re making is the right one or not. If we should take that new job, or make that big move, or if continuing down a path we’re on is correct for us. We guess… follow our gut… think it through… Or flip a coin… But we don’t ever really know! Higher Self knows… And through Speranta you can know too.” Business Owner

The 3 Hour Intensive

  • We will meet via zoom, which is a video service just like skype and more reliable.
  • 3 Hour Intensive  
  • It includes 3 main areas: clarity discussion, formulation of questions and Higher Self Channeling
  • The first Higher Self Alignment is also possible, upon request
  • Completely tailored made based on your life, career, relationships and self development desires
  • You will receive a recording of the channeling, so you can review it again and again

You will walk away with clarity, a direct conversation with your Higher Self and guidance from your Higher Self and an alignment when appropriate


$457 for a 3 Hour Intensive, paid in full when scheduling the session

If you sign up for the 3 Month Program within 24 hours of completing the Intensive, I will credit this session towards that program.

You should also know

This is not psychic work. Higher Self will not make predictions and will not “tell you what to do”. You will receive guidance on what is in your highest and best good, but never HAVE to accept that advice. Your free will will never be infringed upon. This is for motivated, intelligent people, who want to live out their highest purpose and want to be of service to the world while creating a life that also feels deeply good and serves them. This is not for people who have to choose between taking care of their basic needs or paying for this Intensive. This is not a magic bullet, you still have to implement the steps that Higher Self is guiding you towards but it DOES feel like magic because when you have clarity, purpose and direction from Higher Self… everything becomes easier, better, and more fulfilling.

This is not a replacement for living out a full life, it is meant to enhance your life and that is always what Higher Self work does. This is the beginning of walking a new and exciting path. Is it finally time for you to embrace that?

You can schedule a complimentary discovery call here to talk about the possibility of working together.

Three Month Program

Are you living out your life purpose? Ready to figure out what that is and do it with more ease and bigger results?

Is this you?

  • You feel confused and scattered, unsure of what direction you’re supposed to take in your life. It’s one thing to become good at something, but how do you know that you’re good at the thing that is your soul’s purpose?
  • We stand at the crossroads of many decisions every day, and some of those decisions carry more weight than others. Some can take you on a completely different trajectory.
  • Some paths are more aligned and more impactful.
  • Some paths lead to more money, more fulfilling relationships, more health and more happiness.
  • And ultimately, some lead you to becoming less of who you are, to more stress, more confusion and more time spent away from your life purpose.

Have you ever wondered why you are living the life that you have? You have a life purpose, a mission that YOU designed FOR YOURSELF, for this lifetime. You created a plan, a vision of what you would like to accomplish and experience. When you are taking steps towards your life purpose, it’s feels like the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in miraculous ways and when you’re not, it can feel scattered and stressful all the time.

I was where you are now. When I first truly realized that no one else but myself created my life plan before I incarnated, I wanted more than anything else to find out what it was. I said to myself: I want to connect to my Higher Self, the part of me that remembers this plan. I wanted to connect to my Higher Self so intensely and so exclusively, that I set that as my life goal. I wanted so singularly to connect to my Higher Self, that I was ready to dedicate the rest of my life to connecting with my Higher Self. There was nothing else that was as important.

To my total surprise, it was only a few short years later that Source/God/Universe gave me the gift of connecting to Higher Self, my own Higher Self AND other’s Higher Self.

Through this connection to my Higher Self, I learned that it is my life purpose to offer this service to all those who are Asking to Connect with their Own Higher Self, so they, too, can know.

So they, too, can journey into the depths of who they are, receive guidance from their own Highest Point of Vibration, which is their Higher Self, and CHOOSE choices that are aligned with their mission, their life purpose.

When someone is aligned, the totality of who they are works in sync. I define the totality of who a person is as, as the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body and Higher Self. When these 5 dimensions meet in a synchronistic way, the highest form of alignment takes place and the most profound results occur.

This alignment helps you move beyond the current space that you are in, helps you move to a new, higher paradigm. Einstein said that a solution cannot be found at the same level of thinking of the problem so our work with Higher Self takes you to a different level of thinking and a new level of consciousness.

That is exactly what takes place in an alignment, which is a key piece of our work together with Higher Self, your entire life shifts to a new level of living, in all aspects of your life. So powerful is the alignment, that when you are compete with the alignment process, the solution to what you had struggled with before, becomes so much the new normal, that it feels as if it’s always been there. The result of the work is that you feel as if you’ve always had this thing that you didn’t have before. You would even be hard pressed to say that you had this problem before.

Ready to work together?

You, too, can benefit from this connection with Higher Self.

The 3 Month Program I offer has 3 main components: (1) gaining clarity, (2) receiving guidance from Higher Self and (3) Receiving alignment for your blocks.

(1) Clarity is key in working with Higher Self, and that is because while Higher Self will help us accomplish our life mission, Higher Self will never, under any circumstances, interfere with our free will. This means that while Higher Self will show us the way, we are responsible for getting as specific as possible about what we want to create. Here are just some of topics that my clients have gained clarity about: topics around an existing business, topics related to job offers or current jobs, topics around spouses, business partners, colleagues, bosses, parents and children, topics around addiction, self confidence and self esteem.

(2) Once they have this clarity, we are able to formulate laser focused, completely personalized questions about your business, career,  relationships and about yourself. You have my full support during the entire process to ensure you’re doing your end of the work so Higher Self can do its end and support you most fully.

(3) We then connect to Higher Self and you get to have a direct conversation with the highest vibration of who you are. In this space, you receive answers, guidance, more clarity, understand root causes and see what is possible. You receive alignment for anything that stands in the way of accomplishing your purpose. Through receiving alignment, you reset that area of your life and literally “the new normal” in that area just becomes so.

What is on the other side of this work?

  • Families, children and parents, parents and children, reunited in harmony where before there was acrimony and conflict
  • Marriages saved when it is in both spouse’s highest and best good
  • Marriages dissolving when it is no longer serving the two people
  • Businesses thriving because their leaders are clear about their purpose, and when that happens, their clients, their employees, their partners, their vendors and their families are better served  
  • Profitability increased
  • Healthier behaviors  restored – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
  • Being of highest service to your own self and to everyone you impact,, either directly or indirectly, while living a life that feels ease-filled, good, and serves you as much as you serve the world
  • Understanding your life purpose for more clarity, fulfillment and overall happiness

When one person is touched by Higher Self, their lives transform and the lives of those around them transform too, and like a ripple effect, we can change the world.

Speranta as Your Guide

I would love to be your guide in this journey, so you too, can have direct access to your Higher Self. I am completely devoted to results. If I did not believe for myself, in other words, if I did not walk my talk and connect and use the Higher Self connection, I would not have the courage and the strength to bring it to you. I believe in my Higher Self connection as much as I believe in my life. This work that I facilitate is a gift that was given to me by the Universe/God/Source to serve people. This gift was given to me because it is directly related to my life’s purpose. I fulfill my own life purpose through facilitating this work with Higher Self for my clients, who, in turn, fulfill their life mission by serving their tribe and having a massive impact in the world.  

Together, we can change the world.

I help you not only connect and receive guidance from Higher Self, I also help you implement that guidance.

Everything that I help you with as part of this program is based and grounded in PRACTICAL steps towards your day to day life. if it is not applicable and utilize-able in your day to day, then how good can it be?

In the work that I facilitate, we access the energy of the Higher Self and we work with that space to connect you with your life purpose, and not just that, also connect you with the next step in whatever your goal is, whether it’s career or relationships, or whatever it is that you can implement that can make that big difference in all aspects of your life.

We get the information from Higher Self, and at the same time, whenever there is a struggle in your life, there are 5 components that I talk about: the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, Higher Self. When we work with the Higher Self energy, it’s helping you in all of these different areas. So you can move beyond where you are in all these different areas of who you are.

What makes this program different

  • You are able to access information, through your Higher Self, from the highest vibrational point of who you are. This is NOT intuitive information, it is not my intuition, it is not your intuition. I have worked with intuition before and I have made some choices that, in hindsight, were not in my highest and best good – this is before I had a connection with Higher Self. I am not saying that intuition is good or bad, or anything in between. I am simply saying that this work is not based on intuition. It is based on guidance received from Higher Self, which I have found in my own personal experience, the experience of my family and countless clients, to be always on point. In some cases, you will be able to recognize this immediately, other times, some time may pass to receive that validation.
  • In the work that I do, I am the guide and the channel. We go to the Higher Self source of information, receive guidance and alignment, and then implement that guidance. I am not a guru or an enlightened being. I am just like you, and have overcome many of the same struggles you want to overcome. It is very important to me that you realize that while I am available for coaching and implementation support, that the guidance that I’m helping you implement does not come from me, it comes from YOUR OWN HIGHEST POINT OF VIBRATION, another way of saying it is that it comes from your own source. As well intended as other’s advice is, I don’t believe it is going to be as relevant and as in tune with YOUR life mission, as the information and guidance coming from Higher Self.
  • The information from Higher Self is NOT predictive in nature. In other words, Higher Self will not tell you that the name of your next client, if you have your own business. Higher Self will guide you towards whatever the highest and best step is for you is, when it comes to your business. You would have to ask the question, for example: I know that it is in my highest and best good to work with animals, so does that mean dogs, horses, cats, animals at the local zoo, etc. So you have to still fully participate in life, and from the infinite possibilities out there, select what you’d like to do, meaning, exercising your free will choices, and THEN higher self will guide you towards the highest and best next step to help you not only fulfill your purpose, and also create your current desires.  
  • Your free will will not be infringed upon. I work with permission every time, if there is no permission, we do not proceed. Higher Self works the same way, Higher Self will not tell you what to do, what to choose. If a course correction is necessary, Higher Self will say, “if you choose this path, this path is in your highest and best good”, Higher Self will never tell you “you have to do this, or else”. This is very important to me, because the free will agent is one of the most sacred gifts we have as human beings, and I will not overstep this boundary. You will have crystal clear guidance but it will always be YOUR  choice on if/how you use it.

What clients are saying

“My Higher Self Sessions with Speranta were lovely and positive experiences.  I was at an important juncture, deeply torn between career choices, so it was tremendously helpful to have the alignments with my Higher Self and the support in stretching for the best possible outcome.  Speranta was gentle and facilitated the communication process between my concrete mind and my Higher Self. As a result, my issue seemed to resolve itself and the confusion seemed to dissipate in very little time” James from New York City

“I met Speranta back in 2013 and I had many one-on-one Higher Self Channeling and Alignment Sessions with her. Ever since I met her, I had zero hesitations about working with her. The best part about working with her is the purity of her spirit, and her kind and gentle nature. I have greatly benefited from the work that we did, and continue to see the benefits of our Higher Self Channeling work still manifesting today in my life. Some of the things we discussed with my Higher Self have taken place and many are still unfolding and coming to fruition. I recommended her to two of my friends already. I will continue to recommend her to those who value working with their Higher Self. I feel in my heart that she is an honest channel and very close to God. I love you Speranta, you put your heart and energy into your clients. They can feel your purity and know that you will help them manifest their highest good. Thank you for being yourself.” Wendy from California

“The best thing about the experience was my increased self awareness and understanding that how you think of yourself, can actually change/improve the way you feel about yourself by changing your thought patterns or perhaps developing a mantra. When you are able to reach your higher self – your best self becomes possible. I would recommend Speranta and her Higher Self service to those who want to learn more about themselves and connect the dots between mind, body and spirit.” Jim Bradley

The 3 Month Program

  • 2-hour calls, once a week, for 12 weeks, when we work on clarity, guidance from Higher Self and alignment from Higher Self. This session is at the same time every week.
  • Unlimited 1-hour Higher Self alignment sessions,  as many as your Higher Self recommends
  • We formulate your questions so that you have clarity and thus receive the best and most clear response from HS
  • We connect with other people’s Higher Self, only if we receive permission from your Higher Self and their Higher Self. These people can be significant relationships in your life, like your parents, children, spouses, colleagues and others
  • We work on implementing the guidance you receive from Higher Self
  • The program is custom tailored to you, based directly on your desires and questions
  • You will feel supported every step of the way, whether it is about gaining clarity, getting laser focus on your questions or implementing the guidance you receive from Higher Self
  • The results will be personal to you and the transformation will no longer be a pipe dream, it will be your new normal

This is what it looks like

  • You have clear steps to take in your life and career to create the results you desire
  • You understand and work towards your life purpose with more ease and fulfillment
  • You feel empowered and sure of yourself in all areas of your life
  • You receive whatever is in your highest and best good to receive and you start to believe and know it’s all working exactly as it should.
  • Your daily life becomes easier and more meaningful


$4500, for 3 months of support, paid in full at the start

You should also know

This is not psychic work. Higher Self will not make predictions and will not “tell you what to do”. You will receive guidance on what is in your highest and best good, but never HAVE to accept that advice. Your free will will never be infringed upon. This is for motivated, intelligent people, who want to live out their highest purpose and want to be of service to the world while creating a life that also feels deeply good and serves them. This is not for people who have to choose between taking care of their basic needs or paying for this program. This is not a magic bullet, you still have to implement the steps that Higher Self is guiding you towards but it DOES feel like magic because when you have clarity, purpose and direction from Higher Self… everything becomes easier, better, and more fulfilling.

This is not a replacement for living out a full life, it is meant to enhance your life and that is always what Higher Self work does. It’s life-changing work that allows you to go deeper and more fully into your own experience and your own desires. Is it finally time for you to embrace that?

You can schedule a complimentary discovery call here to talk about the possibility of working together.